Art within Heart

Awakening Art Courses

Feel like exploring your creativity?

Has the time come to allow your inner child to come out?

Do you want to come in contact with your True Self?

The source of all creation is a state of being inside ourselves and inside creation itself, which is pure consciousness.
It is what lies behind thought and feeling, that is – BEING. From this source of pure consciousness, all creation is born.

When coming in contact with your True Self you really start living.

Awakening Art is a meditative kind of painting course where you will find your way back into your personal creativity.

Your insights will grow. You will find that everything in life is interconnected.

You will become more and more conscious that everything exists within yourself.

Be confident that everything is as it should be!

The course will take you on a journey in painting and life and will help you get in touch with your own unique creativity.
Everything is there within you.

Just follow the flow and see that everything is perfect and that everything takes place automatically if you let go of any

demands of achievement, the balance will happen in a natural way.

During this journey a lot of feelings will probably come up to the surface.

You will come in contact with your your inner True Self – Your Divinity.

You will experience that You are Existence, Consciousness and Bliss.