Art within Heart

Awakening Art

The way I paint, which I call “Awakening Art”, is a kind of meditative way of creating and exploring myself to Awakening.

I’m painting in the Presence and in deep contact with inner space comes images-paintings.

To paint in this meditative way can be a way of raising your consciousness, to “wake up”!

To create in this way is really like a big adventure and helps you evolve in many ways.

To paint, create, is something very individual, which makes it so enormously interesting.

You come in contact with your inner space and you paint without any kind of prejudice or demands to accomplish anything.

The source of all creation is a state of being inside ourselves and inside creation itself, which is pure consciousness.
It is what lies behind thought and feeling, that is – BEING. From this source of pure consciousness, all creation is born.

It’s all about discovering your inner Self, to be in an inner flow, to just follow along with your inner inspiration without any hesitation and not try to control it.

In this way you’ll become One with your painting and it’s all that exist!

Many years ago I took part, as a student, in a painting course that came to be a big turning-point in my life. The painting course was a Vedic Art course.

I had never painted before in my life but for many years felt a great longing to express myself through painting.

From the very first moment in this summer course I felt that I could paint! I experienced very strongly that I painted in total unison with my inner divinity!

I felt a great gratitude and experienced the Presence within so strongly that I started to cry. My joy was enormous! My longing since many years back had become a reality!

I could create! I painted, I created. Everything was there in my pictures!

After this course I continued to paint after the principles taught in this course. I became a teacher myself and I held many courses myself, where I taught this way of painting.

During the following years I have more and more experienced that my creative work has deepened and I want to be more free and feel strongly that I don’t want to follow any kind of principles or method.

I want to create in the Presence of the Divine and just follow along and be open to what happens.

In my own painting courses we meditate together and paint. My intention is to inspire the participants to create in a meditative state.

You are welcome to participate in my painting courses!

Creativity is within us all! Everyone can create, everyone can paint!