Art within Heart
All my life I’ve had a deep aspiration for expressing myself in the form of painted pictures. In my inner vision there has always been these colorful, detailed pictures filled with life. But it was not until the spring 2000, after I started working with my blocked feelings, that I dared starting my ”artist journey” with the 17 principles of Vedic Art.
During the summer the same year I participated in a deep inner cleansing process. Here many of my fears for expressing feelings vanished. As I got back home I continued the Vedic Art classes. Now I started experiencing lightfulness in finding colors and shapes.
In the summer of 2003 I decided to participate in a Vedic Art retreat in Öland. Now that I had painted through all of the 17 principles, a dream that I had for years finally came into reality; the dream to just spend all days creating!
Deep inside I sensed very seriously that this period would have a deep impact, somehow on my future life. I surrendered to the divine within. From the very first brush-paint, and it was with a big roller, I felt that I really could paint. I experienced an awareness and I felt totally in contact with my Higher Self and I was filled with such bliss and gratitude that I started crying. My dream had become real, and my fantastic artist journey had just begun… Following 21 days was amongst the best days of my life. Every single day, new inspired pictures came to birth in front of me.
Declutched from the mind, I painted pictures filled with deep emotional charge with focus on my heart chakra, and they started deep going cleansing processes inside of me. I was a little child, as one with myself and the divine, totally anchored in the present now.Filled with joy and energy I painted and created, my energy freely flowing, and I decided to share all this with others, to inspire by putting some of my light to the path. Everybody can paint, it’s all there; inside of each and every soul. With the help from the right keys, we can all unlock the room of creativity and wake up to our divine inspiration.